What is the QR code that we have started to use extensively in our lives with the spread of technology?


This code is a barcode system that helps the flow of information become faster. This barcode system was developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota and operating in Japan. QR, which is an acronym for Quick Response, means quick response when viewed as an opening.

A text, address, or video link can be used in the QR code content. This code, which can be a two-dimensional barcode, can be read through a software service, product or mobile phone with barcode reader capability. This square code, widely used in the world of technology and mobile, is used extensively, especially in South Korea and Japan.

QR code

The use of QR code, considered the most effective visual way to speed up information sharing worldwide, is extremely simple. Anyone who wishes can use this code. This code, which is unlimited, also has a curious feature. What the code contains is often wondered by many. To this end, proper editing works to increase returns.

Quick Response code usage areas are evolving more and more. The fact that it is able to use it very quickly and upload information to its content provides an advantage for this situation. All types of QR code to be used can be produced online. If you are wondering what the QR code is, these codes allow you to communicate even with the person who is given a small business card.

Where to use QR code

The QR code, which has a wide range of uses, is used in the marketing and sales sector as a substitute for the classic barcode system. In Japan, where the use of the code is highly developed, there are markets that sell their products with the QR code. At the bottom of the products found in the market is the square code. This code, which is read with the help of a mobile device, brings product information to the screen and thus helps to order. Products are not carried by hand during shopping, they are in a package prepared for the code upon exit from the market. This makes shopping shorter and more practical.

In addition to shopping, the square code is also used to redirect to the web link. If there is a website that people want to look at, the link to this site is embedded in the square code. Thus, the people who read the QR code are directed directly to the relevant web page. In addition, a business card with personal information can be created with the square code. For this, information such as first name, last name, occupation, web address, email address, phone number are entered into the square code. This information is automatically uploaded to the mobile device's directory after scanning the code.

With the OR code, race and campaign information is easily passed on to people. This allows for sharing of tips to be given in mobile ad apps or for racing. Thus, the innovation of technology is utilized in many areas.

For those who wonder what can be done with Square code, first of all, web site promotion can be done easily with this code. At the same time, information such as voice calls, SMS and email sending, discount codes, business cards are transmitted to people through the code. The square code, which is also useful for those in the real estate industry, is used to access the landing page that contains the real estate data.

The QR code, which can be used as a link to a campaign or product page on magazines, televisions or billboards, is also useful for connecting to google maps. The movie posters of the cinemas provide access to the web sites where viewers ' opinions and opinions about the film can be found. Similarly, the square code is suitable for recycling customers in restaurants.

If the QR code is used in street signs, the google map of the neighborhood is opened. In addition to these, you can participate in the survey with the square code, and tourism and sightseeing tips for any city can be obtained. In addition, it is possible to make use of this system provided by technology by printing QR code on baggage tags, wifi password for a venue, on event tickets and on discount vouchers for airline transportation.